Let’s do this thing called ‘Team Building’

For starters I act like a child. More in a sense that I love to laugh at stupid things and enjoy activities that adults usually don’t.  I love cartoons and playing hide and seek with my nieces. It is actually quite a list.  I also love sports and am…..SUPER competitive. No matter how bad/good I am at something, I’m going to talk mad shit before.

So this leads me to last night. I was in charge of our office “Team Building” outing.  So I chose laser tag. It’s a competitive ‘sport,’ I say this loosely and just something fun to do.  Now I haven’t played laser tag in years but it was very close to work and it was more of an adult laser tag than anything. And they had a bar!  So done deal!  This place was so freaking cool. It had multiple levels with hideouts and different games/missions that could be played.  Like this was legit. All in a huge warehouse.

We had about 25 people and we split up into teams.  I ended up getting a specialty sniper rifle (did I mention I was southern?) so I was happier than a hog (love that phrase…you’re welcome!).  So my job during each mission was to cover my team members from different vantage points.  Essentially protecting them from the other team.  We completed 9 missions.  The first 3 were horrible.  We weren’t communicating and everyone was going rogue. We had some of the best shooters on our team but it didn’t matter if you didn’t have a plan and if you weren’t communicate.

Finally, another team member took charge and said here’s the plan.  “What we are doing is not working and we are going to keep losing if we don’t work together.”  I guess it hit everyone at that moment that we needed to formulate a plan and stick to it. And guess what, after that we started winning. We worked together as a unit and covered each other until we won the whole challenge.

This whole team building exercise was quite an experience an I would definitely do it again.  At work today (and yes I am writing this while at work, shhhh!) everyone is communicating like I have never seen before.  It is unbelievable.  Also, everyone is laughing more.  There is a different atmosphere here today.

To anyone deciding whether or not team building exercises work, believe me I have done different types, and this one totally exceeded expectations.  I have attended seminars, all day conferences, and workshops.  Nothing to this caliber. Usually the workshops and seminars teach you the fundamentals to implement but with the one we did yesterday, we learned first hand and implemented all at the same time. I would recommend anyone doing this with their company.  It was a great experience and totally worth the money!

Thanks Ya’ll!


Featured Image: http://www.memecrunch.com