I was late to work…

Now, I’m normally a pretty organized person….. but this morning, I was running super late! I missed my workout and breakfast! I’ve had bronchitis for the past week and still haven’t gotten back into my routine.  Well either way, I was so late. When this happens, I usually grab my go to outfit! It usually consists of a button up, capris and a pair of booties. This is today’s outfit! It is comfortable, easy and work appropriate!

(Button Down Shirt: You can find a similar polo here.)

(Ray Bans Wayfarers; Michael Kors Watch)

(Booties: I got these from Express but they no longer sale them 😦 but you can find a similar pair here.)



My Top 5 Favorite Southern Sayings

When I first moved to the midwest, I tried real hard to cover my accent up.  I felt like people were constantly making fun of me and it was super annoying having people correct me ALL.THE.TIME.  So, eventually I embraced it…and now, I’m me! So with that, I LOVE my Southern Sayings. And here are my TOP 5! I use these daily, well when relevant and they are just so damn cute!

“The porch light’s on, but no one’s home!”

  1. “Hey Ya’ll!” -This is completely obvious! It’s a greeting!
  2. “We are living in high cotton, darling!” -This means we are living good!
  3. “Buggy” -This means a shopping cart.  “Grab a buggy!”
  4. “The porch light’s on, but no one’s home.” – We use this when referring to stupidity.
  5. “Bless it.” or “Bless your heart.” -Now this has multiple meanings.  It could be sympathetic or could mean we think you’re stupid.

Do you have a favorite saying?!


Featured Image: Pinterst-Southern Sayings