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UPDATED: 10/15/2016

So this is my weekly thrift find!

White House Black Market hunter green suede heels, new! I’m in love! 😍 And the best part, they were $3.99! My head is spinning right now!

Seriously, if you guys need help with your thrifting, I am more than happy to share my favorite stores and other secrets to finding great deals! Just message me!

So I’ve gotten a lot of messages/compliments about these shoes and I did some research for you guys! Although this was an awesome thrift find, I found some very similar shoes to look at!

These are a black suede lace up pump and you can find them here. They are inexpensive and also available in tan.

These don’t lace up like the others but they do have the beautiful suede crossed straps! I just bought these and am super excited! Click here to check them out!


Breakfast of Champions 


(This is her attempt at a selfie. Drunk.)


I’m at my grandparent’s house this weekend and my conversation this morning went a little like this…

Grandma: “I think I’m gonna make myself a drink.” *pulls out a bottle of vodka

Me: “Granny, it’s 9am…”

Grandma: *shrugs her shoulders “I’ll put it in a coffee cup then.”



What Women Want


I have been debating whether or not to write about this topic but, f-it. Here it is. I do realize this is a movie and a very cliche title. Anyway…

This post is the result of my best girlfriend and I having a hilarious conversation about her husband, and him not understanding what she wants. During our conversation, we started discussing guys in general and how simple things should be..oh.so.obvious. But hey, I’m a female, so I’m biased. Also, when I’m saying women, I don’t mean all.

Before writing this, I spoke with around 6 different females and reached a similar consensus for all. Duh. Because research.


First off, women want security, they need to feel safe. This could range anywhere from feeling physically safe, like in a dangerous situation. Or feeling safe in their relationship with you. Safety in these terms mean, they don’t think you’re running off cheating or God knows what. You need to make sure that they know, they are the only ones. Ever. This will save a ton of time arguing about you liking another girl’s Instagram pic or favoriting a tweet. When a girl tells you that she doesn’t care about that stuff. She does because well I’m that girl. Now, I’m getting off topic… To reiterate. Security!

So Fresh and So Clean

I can’t say this enough, guys clean yourself up. Not all guys but you know who you are. You expect women to shave/wax and be all cute and girly. Yea, well you need to do that shit too. You don’t want a lady bush, well we don’t want a man bush. If she tells you it’s fine! LIAR! Shit’s gross. And guys, freaking bathe. Side note, my gf was telling me about her husband coming home after work and he was trying to initiate sex. She pretty much ran from him. Her exact words, “Taylor, I could literally smell how gross he was and was thinking about his nasty, sweaty balls. It made me want to vomit.” You’re hearing it straight from the source people.

“Point Blank. Be Drake”

Motion in the Ocean

“It’s not about the size of the boat, it’s the motion in the ocean.” I literally can’t tell you enough how much this is true. So even if you are a small little guy, you can still rock her world or his world (whichever you prefer). Here’s how….learn to dance. Don’t stop reading. So I have this theory that guys who have rhythm are actually pretty good in bed. Multiple sources have also confirmed this for me. Another one of my friends told me, “My husband is not good in bed. He’s like a jackhammer and it’s not fun for me.” And guess what, her best lay was a guy that could dance. Imagine that! So, break out your dancing shoes and start working those hips. Also, keep it interesting. Don’t do the normal all the time. You can thank me later. 🙂


This is totally one of the most important points. I can’t tell you enough that you should always communicate with your partner. Always. Communicate about everything. It doesn’t matter if it’s stupid. At least they will know how you are feeling. I know a lot of guys who just don’t communicate at all and then you have your girl sitting there like they did something wrong. Point blank, Be Drake.

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You Don’t Need to be a Fitness Model

Another point my gf made was that her husband has stopped working out regularly. And it’s causing a crash in their sex life. She’s feeling less attracted to him. Don’t think my girl is conceited but all of us are superficial to a point. And to say that you don’t judge on looks…give me a break. The first thing you see in someone is their looks. This all sounds cold hearted but it’s our animalistic behavior and we cannot avoid science. Just saying. Anyway, back to business. My gf wishes that her husband would still take care of himself. She is not a model of fitness but she does run frequently and eats well. She just wishes he would do the same. So, I’m not telling you to be a fitness model but just be healthy for your partner. Or work out together. I can’t tell you how sexy it is to work out with your partner, but that’s just me.

Listen, I’m not a love guru by any means and don’t think this is a post about my gf’s and I sitting around bitching about our love lives (okay, well it kind of is). My point is, we want guys or girls to know it’s not cool to have a double standard in a relationship. More than likely if you want your girl or guy to do something or look a certain way, then the other probably wants the same. Take this with a grain of salt. If it helps you great, if not, well that’s cool too. As always, I try to help!

Love ya’ll!


Pet Lovers, Unite!

I want to begin by saying my dog has it made. If I had his life, I would be the happiest dog ever.  Although he gets a life of luxury; including an orthopedic dog bed, free reign of the house, high-end dog food, fresh fruits and veggies, and the occasional beer (do not judge, the yeast is good for them, I think), he still tends to act out ungratefully. Just rude!

Lately, he has been chewing things up (more than normal), barking a lot at people…just more paranoid. He has also has been very attached. Like following me very closely. Nothing has changed in the house to start this odd behavior.

(Dawwww! So Cute!)
The things I’ve tried include:

  • Made him watch ASPCA commercials to let him know he has a good life.
  • Changed his diet
  • More exercise
  • More attention
  • Threatened to take his toys

I just don’t know what else to do but it’s getting bad, more so than I am explaining above!

HELP ME! Please…anything?! LOL I need my pooch back!

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That Thrift Game

I love finding a great deal! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!  So I am very excited to share this amazing thrift find! This beautiful Tory Burch dress usually goes for $300 but I found this beaut for $5! Can I get an AMEN! I paired it with some cute wedges (Steve Madden) and an adorable necklace! ❤️❤️❤️   And by the way, this is totally a Southern Belle outfit! MUAH!

5 Senses Tag

First off, I would like to thank Tyler for tagging me in his Five Senses Post!  And do go check out his awesome blog,  Thomason’s Take!  His pictures and posts are truly an inspiration!

How to participate:

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • For each of the five senses (or as many as you do) describe five of your favorite things having to do with that sense. Favorite sounds, smells, etc.
  • Be yourself, get creative!
  • Nominate five other people to do this tag

Let’s get to it!

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  1. Freshly cut grass
  2. Espresso
  3. Sea-salt air
  4. the smell of a book being opened for the first time (yes!)
  5. Puppy’s Breath (awe!)


  1. Seeing the earth from an airplane window
  2. Fireworks lighting up the night sky
  3. The vibrant colors of the ocean
  4. watching a swell take over when surfing
  5. watching a storm roll in from the porch


  1. Petting a puppy or dog in general
  2. Freshly shaved legs against covers
  3. The feeling of clean sheets
  4. The feeling of a warm bed when its cold
  5. The feeling of water running past you while swimming

*I see a pattern with me sleeping! LOL


  1. A baby’s laugh
  2. Music (of any kind)
  3. The sound of weights being racked at the gym (I’m so weird!)
  4. A thunderstorm while laying in bed/sleeping (another bed reference!)
  5. The sound of a piano being played!  (My favorite instrument)


  1. Sweet Tea
  2. Freshly baked Chocolate Chip Cookies
  3. Right out the oven homemade lasagna (oh sweet baby Jesus!)
  4. My dad’s homemade pizza
  5. Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt Squares

Now that you’ve learned a little about me, I would like to nominate the following:

Well there you have it! I hope you enjoyed my 5 Sense Post! Don’t feel like you need to do this, it’s just something fun! I can’t wait to see yours!

Thanks Ya’ll!


 Photo credit: http://perspectives.3ds.com/tag/electronics/

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