Being Girly

Just bought a new polish about a week ago and wanted to share! I don’t always paint my nails because they chip so easily but I have finally found a polish that sticks.  This is about 6 days in!

The color is Perfect Pair 535.  It’s a nude-pink color with a gel base. Totally goes with everything! I bought mine off of Amazon. 1. Because I have and love prime, so I buy everything off of Amazon and 2. because it is way cheaper than other stores.  I also bought a few other colors so I’ll let you know how they turn out asap!

I feel pretty! Thanks ya’ll!


Gym Etiquette

I had a recent experience at the gym that has left me to write a PSA. Now we all know the basic public etiquette but do we know gym etiquette…totally different.  Here, I will layout do’s and don’ts at the gym so you and the others around you can have a great gym experience.


Lay your mat right next to someone….  C’mon! Guys, you wouldn’t use the urinal right next to someone in the restroom, would you?  Same applies here. I don’t really know the equivalent for girls but you get the idea.


Lay your mat a healthy distance away. I would say 5 feet is a good starting point.  If the gym is empty…make the distance a little longer.



This is very similar to the one above.  Don’t jump on the treadmill or bike right next to another person when there are 20 others! Personal space please!



Grab one about 2 down. That would be fine with me!

10 Minute Trainer - Workout for the Busiest People


Do not take a million selfies while people are trying to workout. You are really getting in the way and although your insta-followers love seeing your toned tummy, people in the gym could care less.



If you want to snap pics of yourself at the gym, make sure you are not surrounded by people actually working out. Just don’t get in their way. It’s rude. Do it in the locker room or find a space where no one is around.



Please don’t be a gym hoarder. This is totally one of my biggest pet peeves! UGH! They take all the equipment and don’t share. So obnoxious! Just don’t do.

take equipment.jpg


Take 1 or 2 pieces of equipment and put them back immediately after finished. And if you must use a million pieces, please share when someone asks.



Do not take pictures of girls and/or guys while they are working out.  Just don’t do it. It’s gross! There is no DO for this one!


These are just a few of the things that irritate me at the gym. I’m sure others have experienced similar situations! Please drop a line in the comment section below about your gym experiences!


21 Day Fix

10 Best Practices for Inner Peace

Between work, home and just life in general, it is really difficult to take some time to just BREATH! So…I have outlined 10 of my best practices for inner peace! These small things really help me and I hope they help you!


Live Unplugged

Try to live unplugged as much as you can! By unplugged, I mean leave the phone alone. Don’t take it to dinner with you, leave it on the charger in another room while watching tv! Just leave it! You’ll feel instantly better and people will enjoy your company as well as your undivided attention.

Take a New Fitness Class

Whether it is Yoga, Pilates, or Crossfit; find out what works for you. Even if it’s, pole dancing! Do it! The extra energy will feel great and your body will look awesome too! Bonus!


Try a New Hobby

Always wanted to make your own clothes? Do it!! Take a cooking class! Try surfing. Do something that you find enjoyable!

Read More

This could go under hobby so it’s sorta cheating…oh well! I enjoying reading and nothing feels better than getting absorbed into a story and really connecting to the characters! Here is one of my posts above about my favorite Summer Reads!


Sleep In

Feeling drained all the time? That’s your body telling you that you need to catch up on some zzzz’s. On your day off, don’t set your alarm and just let your body naturally wake you up! You’ll be glad you did! And don’t forget, sleep cures almost anything!

Treat Yo Self!


Take a personal day and just pamper yourself. Get a massage or a facial. Do something that makes your feel good! I’m not girlie girl but getting a mani/pedi always makes me feel pretty!  (Thank you Parks and Rec for that sweet gif!)


This isn’t for everyone but I’ve heard that once you get in to it, then you’re able to control your inner peace. But if you’re anything like me, where you have a constant rap song playing in your head or just an up beat tempo, clearing your mind can be a little tricky. So go back to taking up a new hobby!

Look for a New Work Adventure

Boy, have I had some bad jobs! Going home super stressed thinking about that stupid job and barely being able to sleep because a million things are running through your head. I swear, my last position, I went through a bottle of wine a night and I don’t even care for wine that much! It really takes a toll on your body and mind and it’s just not worth it! So find another job that you love! Say “peace bitches,” to that ungrateful boss that doesn’t appreciate you or your work ethic!

Just Dance

One of my favorite things to do at home is blast some music and do stuff around the house. Which usually involves me dancing. And sometimes I don’t even complete the work I was set to do. Instead, I find myself performing and just dancing around my house. When I’m finished I’m usually laughing and smiling. Can’t dance? Who cares…you’re home alone, just do it, even if you’re in your birthday suit!

Travel Often

Go away for the weekend! Even if it is an hour away.  Just go somewhere and clear your head! If you have the ability, go somewhere farther, preferably a beach with a cold one in your hand! I try to travel as often as possible to keep my sanity!

Easy..right?!? Now, take some time for yourself and relax!

Love ya’ll!


Excuse Me While I Vent…

I had a great day yesterday…I was in a good mood, had a great workout, and even my boss was cheery. Just a great day all together. Until I stopped at the grocery store to get some stuff for the girl’s weekend coming up.  Yea know, the essentials…booze and chips.

So I’m walking through the parking lot pushing my buggy (shopping cart) and this a-hole starts backing out, fast. He literally runs over the buggy and somehow I moved out of the way. Although he did kind of clip my side. But I was safe…

So this guy gets out of the car and starts yelling “watch where the f*** you are going?!?”  By this point I was trying to process what just happened and was sitting on the ground.  He is just yelling and spewing profanities.  And this other guy runs up to me asking if I was alright and that he also called the police.  He said that he saw everything and he then starts cussing at the hell-on-wheels driver.

I really can’t believe this guy had the nerve to yell at me for walking and getting in his way.  Well the police show and apparently there is nothing they can do since in Chicago, grocery store parking lots are considered “private property.”  What if I was seriously injured? Could they have not done anything then? This is mind boggling, and I don’t blame the police officer what so ever but the laws are stupid.  He did “write it up” but this guy gets nothing?!? They should have a ticket similar to wreck-less driving but for the person just being an asshole.  “Sorry sir, you’re a major prick, so I’m giving you ticket for wreck-less attitude.” I don’t know, I’ll work on the name later.

I guess I could take matters into my own hands but I feel like the universe will work this one out.  Or at least I hope so… Sorry, rant over!

All Smiles Today!

Trying New Things

As easily as I get scared, I am always up to try new and adventurous things.  Let me backtrack here, I am terrified of heights…like terrified. I don’t know exactly what happens to my body once I am up high, but my brain sends out this warning to the rest of my body and it locks up and I’m frozen.  Moving forward…

Dominican Republic

On my last trip to the Dominican Republic, I went zip-lining through the rain forest. I was thinking to myself “YES, I’m adventurous and a total badass. I got this.” But once I was in my harness and leaning over the edge in a tower swaying above some of the tallest trees in the rain forest, I started to second guess my decision. At that point, I’m thinking, “well this is dumb.”  I started to back away from the edge and was not going to do it.

“My fear of missing a once in a life time opportunity outweighed my fear of heights.”

Decision Time

Then I had some running commentary in my head, “Really?!?! Are you going to be a chicken and back out?! Seriously?!”  I stopped thinking completely and just did it.  I flew through that bad boy! Zooming through trees, feet touching water and birds just flying all around me! Best decision I have ever made.  My fear of missing a once in a life time opportunity outweighed my fear of heights.


Now, when I’m faced with a decision that terrifies me, I look back on this time. I just said to myself “screw it.” And do it.  I was so worried that I was going to look back and say that I wish I would have at least tried it. Since then, I have tried everything, well almost everything, that I come across.  Whether it’s food, excursions, or events.  I have said, “YES!” And I am happier then I have ever been and I also have amazing stories to tell! Next time you are in a situation where you are facing one of your fears, just say “F -IT!” You’ll regret that you didn’t!

I will also try to find my zip-lining pics for you guys! Stay tuned!



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