Breakfast of Champions 


(This is her attempt at a selfie. Drunk.)


I’m at my grandparent’s house this weekend and my conversation this morning went a little like this…

Grandma: “I think I’m gonna make myself a drink.” *pulls out a bottle of vodka

Me: “Granny, it’s 9am…”

Grandma: *shrugs her shoulders “I’ll put it in a coffee cup then.”




For the Foodie in all of us!

Ever heard of the infamous Garrett’s Popcorn in Chicago?!  If you haven’t, then you are missing out on life. Established in 1949, Garrett’s Popcorn has been a staple of Chicago. They offer multiple popcorn flavors; which include cheesecorn, caramelcrisp, and buttery. The original flavor and my personal favorite is the Garrett Mix. This mix combines CaramelCrisp with CheeseCorn for a awesome explosion of your taste buds!


Think it sounds gross? I thought the same thing until I popped a handful in my mouth.  It is by far the perfect popcorn mix you will ever eat.  I know I sound like an advertisement for Garrett’s but I can tell you, I am not and the food speaks for itself. There is a list of southern foods that I like way better than the Midwest versions but this popcorn is not one of them! If you are in Chicago, try it! You will not be disappointed! When you’re there, tell them Taylor sent you. They’ll probably look at you like you’re crazy and ask “who the hell is Taylor?” It’ll be funny either way.

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Pet Lovers, Unite!

I want to begin by saying my dog has it made. If I had his life, I would be the happiest dog ever.  Although he gets a life of luxury; including an orthopedic dog bed, free reign of the house, high-end dog food, fresh fruits and veggies, and the occasional beer (do not judge, the yeast is good for them, I think), he still tends to act out ungratefully. Just rude!

Lately, he has been chewing things up (more than normal), barking a lot at people…just more paranoid. He has also has been very attached. Like following me very closely. Nothing has changed in the house to start this odd behavior.

(Dawwww! So Cute!)
The things I’ve tried include:

  • Made him watch ASPCA commercials to let him know he has a good life.
  • Changed his diet
  • More exercise
  • More attention
  • Threatened to take his toys

I just don’t know what else to do but it’s getting bad, more so than I am explaining above!

HELP ME! Please…anything?! LOL I need my pooch back!

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2 Truths and a Lie


Yesssss, another one! So, I’ve been nominated by Barb Knowles to reveal 2 truths and 1 lie, five times. Since she figured out the math in her last post, it will be 10 truths and 5 lies (Btw, thanks for doing the math Barb because, it certainly isn’t my strong suit).

Anyway, I have to tell you guys facts about me and you have to guess which is a lie!  Please write your guesses in the comments below and don’t cheat by looking at other people’s answers because they might be wrong (I literally took these few lines from Barb’s post so please don’t think I stole them!)  Let’s do this!


a. I’m scared of cockroaches.

b. I like to drink pickle juice.

c. My favorite dessert is carrot cake.


a. I have a Master’s in Sport’s Management

b. My favorite sport is hockey.

c. I am a former dancer.


a.  I’m 5’9”

b. I have 1 child.

c. I have 2 dogs.


a. I have read Harry Potter in 2 days.

b. I played Volleyball in College.

c. I’m named after my dad.


a. I have went skydiving.

b. I took a 2 week trip across country.

c. I use to take kickboxing.

Alright! Please write your answers in the comments section with the number and letter of each lie.  I will wait a couple of days to post the answers and  you can see how well you know me.  Or what a good guesser you are.  And I get to see if the readers who know me in real life and are friends of mine will know all the answers!

Now I will nominate a few people but please don’t feel obligated.  Good Luck!

I nominate…

Tyler @ Thomason’s Take….cause I know he loves these posts 😉

Renata @ Little Med Book

TateTiffany @TateTiffany Captures