New Years Resolutions



I’m not a person to make resolutions because I feel like they can be easily broken. I am more of a person that just changes my lifestyle to fit my needs for that time.

This year, I have decided that I would actually write out resolutions and share with you guys…also so you can hold me accountable. I’ll break it up into sections and than add the resolutions under each.


  1. I will eat healthier.
  2. I will get into the best shape of my life.
  3. I will be happy.
  4. I will help more people.
  5. I will be a better person, just in general.


  1. I will continue working on my blog and create engaging content.
  2. I will reach 10,000+ blog followers for 2017.
  3. I will become very successful in my career.
  4. I will love my work.
  5. I will help people through my job.
  6. I will finish writing my book.

That’s all I have folks! I know I should have been doing this all along but I’m sticking to these!!!!

Let me know your resolutions and also if I need to add any to mine!


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A New Way to Stay in Shape

Another hobby of mine is working out.  Some people don’t consider it a hobby, but more like a chore. I do it in my spare time and I love it! You’re probably thinking, what in the hell could she be doing that’s so much fun?! Well for starters, I love music so I try to incorporate it as much as possible.  On my normal workouts, I blast my iPod with my favorite music. On my not so normal workouts, well that’s a little different.

So a few months ago, I went by myself to a pole fitness class. I’ve always wanted to go but no one would ever go with me. Anyway, I got up the nerve and just went. I do not regret my decision what so ever.  I learned a sexy dance and some really cool spins.

I have now been taking this class for 3 months and I couldn’t be happier.  I feel sexier, my body looks leaner, and I’m just feel good. It is completely different from my normal workouts because I’m working muscles that I didn’t know I had and sore in places that I didn’t know existed. My flexibly is getting better and better each week. I just can’t talk enough about it.


The main thing I was worried about was the stigma behind pole dancing. You immediately think of strippers…right? Well I know I did.  But it’s not the same. The other girls and myself are doing because it makes us feel awesome and we are getting a great workout. There’s no judgement when you’re there. You get to be free and express your sexiness!


Not only has pole dancing taught me to express myself but it has also taught me not to judge others based off of their physical appearance (which I never intentionally did in the first place). You get to be sexy with yourself and just do you…  No one is looking or thinking why are they wearing that or they can’t do that move! Well, more than likely they can!  A girl twice my size was more flexible and stronger than I was and I completely judged her.  I loved her confidence! I wanted that so bad! And now I have it!!!

So with this…I think everyone should find their workout that makes them feel like what pole dancing does for me! And when you do, you will be so grateful and you will love yourself so much more!!  Happy Hunting!!