New Years Resolutions



I’m not a person to make resolutions because I feel like they can be easily broken. I am more of a person that just changes my lifestyle to fit my needs for that time.

This year, I have decided that I would actually write out resolutions and share with you guys…also so you can hold me accountable. I’ll break it up into sections and than add the resolutions under each.


  1. I will eat healthier.
  2. I will get into the best shape of my life.
  3. I will be happy.
  4. I will help more people.
  5. I will be a better person, just in general.


  1. I will continue working on my blog and create engaging content.
  2. I will reach 10,000+ blog followers for 2017.
  3. I will become very successful in my career.
  4. I will love my work.
  5. I will help people through my job.
  6. I will finish writing my book.

That’s all I have folks! I know I should have been doing this all along but I’m sticking to these!!!!

Let me know your resolutions and also if I need to add any to mine!


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Dealing with Loss- A Somber Post


How do you deal with loss of a parent? Not death but more in terms of losing a relationship that you have known your whole life…

I have a few friends that this has happened to, they have lost a relationship with their parent(s) due to someone not agreeing with their sexuality or just not fitting in with the family. Well my loss was due to alcohol. I grew up with an alcoholic mother and have recently cut her out of my life.

Why, you might ask? Because it was for my own sanity and health. Was it right? I don’t know. I am struggling greatly with this decision.

Is she okay? Has she crashed her car while drinking and driving? Has she lost consciousness once again?  These are the questions I ask myself everyday.

My brother has called me selfish and a terrible daughter but he wasn’t there at 12 years old helping her off the floor and giving her bath with her vomit stained clothes still on. He wasn’t there when my father was working out of state and my mother was in a drunken stupor bringing another man in our home.  He didn’t see the sacrifices I made as a child to parent my mother. After all this time, I think I have every right to be selfish.

I really don’t want to use this blog post as a platform to bash my mother. I want to use it as a means of bringing people together who have dealt with this type of loss. I want to be able to share, as well find peace within each other and our actions. I’m not asking for sympathy. I just need people to help the healing process and I’m hoping this will turn into something incredible for myself and others who’ve dealt with similar situations.

But I would like to continue to write about this time in my life…it seems to be helping just writing about it and sharing…. I’ll write more soon.



What Obsession?!

So I’m sitting at work, minding my own business and someone comes up to me and asks “Don’t you think you’re a little too old to be obsessed with Harry Potter?” I take a sip of my coffee and say, “What makes you think I’m obsessed? Now be gone with you muggle!”

The only laughter I heard was my own. I find myself hilarious sometimes…

Happy Thursday Ya’ll!

Stranger Things

Yes, I know…Another show review. Well get over it! LOL.  I have become addicted to yet another Netflix original series.

Stranger Things is about a group of kids losing their best friend to a kidnapping/murder.  Not only is all this going on, there is some freaky shit going on as well! It reminds me of the Twilight Zone. There may or may be a monster involved and possibly a government conspiracy.  This whole show is weird and has kept me up at night but I’m a chicken so it makes perfect sense. Although it’s super creepy, I can’t stop watching it! It’s an obsession and I can’t wait until the next season comes out!

Watch it for yourself! You won’t be disappointed!



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Excuse Me While I Vent…

I had a great day yesterday…I was in a good mood, had a great workout, and even my boss was cheery. Just a great day all together. Until I stopped at the grocery store to get some stuff for the girl’s weekend coming up.  Yea know, the essentials…booze and chips.

So I’m walking through the parking lot pushing my buggy (shopping cart) and this a-hole starts backing out, fast. He literally runs over the buggy and somehow I moved out of the way. Although he did kind of clip my side. But I was safe…

So this guy gets out of the car and starts yelling “watch where the f*** you are going?!?”  By this point I was trying to process what just happened and was sitting on the ground.  He is just yelling and spewing profanities.  And this other guy runs up to me asking if I was alright and that he also called the police.  He said that he saw everything and he then starts cussing at the hell-on-wheels driver.

I really can’t believe this guy had the nerve to yell at me for walking and getting in his way.  Well the police show and apparently there is nothing they can do since in Chicago, grocery store parking lots are considered “private property.”  What if I was seriously injured? Could they have not done anything then? This is mind boggling, and I don’t blame the police officer what so ever but the laws are stupid.  He did “write it up” but this guy gets nothing?!? They should have a ticket similar to wreck-less driving but for the person just being an asshole.  “Sorry sir, you’re a major prick, so I’m giving you ticket for wreck-less attitude.” I don’t know, I’ll work on the name later.

I guess I could take matters into my own hands but I feel like the universe will work this one out.  Or at least I hope so… Sorry, rant over!

All Smiles Today!

She’s Country!


For a little while during college, I was living in Nashville. I got absorbed into the country music scene. I was obsessed with going to see the underground singers/bands, dancing the night away, and meeting new people. I would stay out until 5am and sleep until 2pm, and then do it all again.  It became a lifestyle and not a very healthy one.

My friend started interning at Sony Productions, then we had an in to all the hottest places and events.  I’ve been to Florida Georgia Line’s premier party, in Carrie Underwood’s dressing room, and have sang on stage with Charles Kelley from Lady Antebellum at a local bar. I was living the life!

My favorite memory was when one of my girlfriends was dating a band member from Brantley Gilbert.  Oh boy was that a nightmare, but we have so much! On a night after one of their concerts, we went to a hotel party and the band members trashed the room. Brantley was not there, FYI.  But it was insane and they didn’t even get into trouble for being loud or punching holes into the walls.  I have never experienced anything like it before.  It was awesome!

It was awesome until I found out how these people were able to live these kinds of lives. After the above night, I was at another premier party and I saw a very famous female artist in the bathroom doing a line of coke off of the counter. I grabbed her hand and asked her what in the hell she was doing. She looked at me and started crying and said “I have to stay up. I need to be on top.” I was like “Honey, no you don’t! Who told you that you needed to do this?!” Then she got angry and walked out.  I was kicked out of the party about 5 minutes later.

I was appalled. This is country music! It’s all back woods, boots, and first loves…right?!? I’m not saying that this situation happened with any of the performers I mentioned above, but there is an uglier side the music industry that people do not see. As hurt as I was that one of my favorite singers did this, I’m glad it happened because it made stop obsessing about this kind of fake life that nobody should live or want for that matter! Not all singers are like this but with my experience, there are some out there. It’s heartbreaking!

I still love country music but I just know the struggle that goes behind the fame!

Thanks Ya’ll!!!!

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Top 5 Best Beach Reads!

I absolutely love to read! Like really love it! Give me a good book and a quite room, I’m good to go. I also dislike using things like nooks or ereaders. And it’s funny that I’m using an iPad to currently type this post. I am also currently in the midst of writing a novel, which I have always wanted to do. So I’m considering putting a few pages on here just to get some feedback! So look out

On a real note, I just like the smell and the feeling of a book in your hand. Ahhhh. So much joy! So with that being said, during the summer, I tend to read a book a week. So for this post, I’m gonna write up my top 5 summer reads!

Book 1:

Did I Mention I Need You? by Estelle Maskame- It’s a book about forbidden love between a girl named Eden Munro and a boy Tyler Bruce. The kicker? The boy is her step brother! Don’t be turned off by that part. This book is both inticing and liberating. It sends you a love spiral and you will not be able to put it down!!! Be aware that the ending is a real clifhanger! Also, this is a trilogy, and the books will be coming out soon!

Book 2:

The Silent Wife by A. S. A. Harrison- If you like Gone Girl, you’ll love this book which will also soon be a major motion picture! In this book, a so-called perfect couple are dealing with very uncommon issues in their marriage, like murder. Be ready to be taken on a thrilling ride of deceit, betrayal, and complete and under chaos.

Book 3:

Best Kind of Broken by Chelsea Fine- Of course it’s a complicated love story between Summer and Levi. They meet again after an awful parting and the sparks begin to come back. This is a quick, funny, and enticing read!

Book 4:

Rich and Pretty by Rumaan Alam- Two childhood best friends are now living completely separate lives. One is planning a wedding and the other is trying to get her career on track. Can these two still be best friends although they are growing into completely separate people? This is a cute story on whether a friendship is strong enough to withstand anything.
Book 5:

The Girls in the Garden by Lisa Jewell- Story takes place in London where these families share a garden square. The story takes a turn, when one of the daughter’s ends up unconscious in the garden. Can the families really trust anyone? Such a great page turner and perfect beach read!!!

I know everyone enjoys different types of books but I hope you will enjoy these books like I did!

Bye, Ya’ll!