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I Am The Worst

Sorry my friends, I know I have been MIA for the past week! I promise I’ll write soon! I love all of you guys and I hope that you have had a great Thanksgiving weekend and all that sweet shit!

Love ya!



Also, here is a picture of a baby elephant playing with birds. You’re welcome. 🙂


Does Not Travel Well With Others

Hey Ya’ll! I have been traveling a little bit, mainly down south. I am now home and super exhausted!

I normally travel alone because I like to do things on my own schedule. Drive where I want and eat where I want. I don’t like to feel obligated to do anything, especially when I travel. This specific getaway, one of my really good friends went with me…this is also the same friend that I traveled to Hawaii with. You can take a look at my older Hawaii post here. This particular friend is my travel buddy for long trips and it works out very well.

Our trip started off good but I’m the type that likes to move in an airport.  I like to get where I am going and fast. She on the other hand likes to stop and buy things and talk to people.  She strolls slowly through the airport, like we are driving down a scenic countryside. BLAH!  I said nothing and let it slide. (Side note: I think Chicago has changed this about me….when in Chicago, keep your head down and walk fast). Carry on.

When we landed in North Carolina and got our rental car, she decides that she needs to drive.  Sure…she then decides to take the scenic route…okay.  Somehow we end up eating at this hole in the wall, in a town outside of Raleigh. Everything was great until the first batch of food poison hits like a wave. LOL! Its comical now but then, I was hurting and extremely livid. This is why I like to have control…. She may have poisoned me. I’m don’t have full evidence but I’m still developing some theories. After about 6 hours of being sick, I felt okay enough to get in the car, armed with ginger ale, saltines, and a very stern look.

The rest of the trip, I am very suspicious of anything and everything we did. Although, I was very alert, I still received; a sprained ankle, jellyfish sting on my leg, and brief loss of vision (due to losing my contact lenses).

I could literally write a novel about this trip…and I just might. I’m not sure if it’s me getting older and I need to have absolute control or I’m just lame.  Either way, I do not travel well with others.


She’s Country!


For a little while during college, I was living in Nashville. I got absorbed into the country music scene. I was obsessed with going to see the underground singers/bands, dancing the night away, and meeting new people. I would stay out until 5am and sleep until 2pm, and then do it all again.  It became a lifestyle and not a very healthy one.

My friend started interning at Sony Productions, then we had an in to all the hottest places and events.  I’ve been to Florida Georgia Line’s premier party, in Carrie Underwood’s dressing room, and have sang on stage with Charles Kelley from Lady Antebellum at a local bar. I was living the life!

My favorite memory was when one of my girlfriends was dating a band member from Brantley Gilbert.  Oh boy was that a nightmare, but we have so much! On a night after one of their concerts, we went to a hotel party and the band members trashed the room. Brantley was not there, FYI.  But it was insane and they didn’t even get into trouble for being loud or punching holes into the walls.  I have never experienced anything like it before.  It was awesome!

It was awesome until I found out how these people were able to live these kinds of lives. After the above night, I was at another premier party and I saw a very famous female artist in the bathroom doing a line of coke off of the counter. I grabbed her hand and asked her what in the hell she was doing. She looked at me and started crying and said “I have to stay up. I need to be on top.” I was like “Honey, no you don’t! Who told you that you needed to do this?!” Then she got angry and walked out.  I was kicked out of the party about 5 minutes later.

I was appalled. This is country music! It’s all back woods, boots, and first loves…right?!? I’m not saying that this situation happened with any of the performers I mentioned above, but there is an uglier side the music industry that people do not see. As hurt as I was that one of my favorite singers did this, I’m glad it happened because it made stop obsessing about this kind of fake life that nobody should live or want for that matter! Not all singers are like this but with my experience, there are some out there. It’s heartbreaking!

I still love country music but I just know the struggle that goes behind the fame!

Thanks Ya’ll!!!!

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