Annual Girl’s Weekend

Every year, a group of us girls take a trip to a cabin in Wisconsin. Some lake fun, late nights drinking and games, and always a lot of laughs.

It’s always a fun weekend with these girls, and I always leave with something. This year it was my realization that I am very thankful for growing up like I did. I’ll explain.

I have been on a boat so many times growing up and everything just kind of comes natural for me.  Like docking, driving, motor issues, etc.  So, a lot of the other girls didn’t know some of the basic boat ‘etiquette’ you could say, so I was a little reluctant about going out with these girls because it’s always good to have at least 2 people who know exactly what’s going on.

A friend of mine owned the boat that we took up north and when we were about to put the boat in the water, I asked all the checklist questions about the plug, keys, life jackets….all that. She said “yes, I went through everything.”  I’m thinking okay, cool, we are ready to go.

She backs the trailer in and I pull the boat out on the water and I’m giving it some gas taking it down the lake a little bit, waiting for the girls to put up the trailer.  I go dock the boat and I look back and there is so much water in the boat. I’m thinking to myself, “what the hell?!?”  So I quickly pull the boat up to a dock and pretty much punch the gas to the dock where it is also very sandy and just pull it as close to shore as I can.  I flip the pump switch (which allows any water coming in to be pumped out) and start throwing all the stuff out of the boat to relieve some of the weight.  Chairs and coolers were just flying on to the shore.

So the owner of the boat comes over and she’s freaking out. And I’m asking her questions to try to find out what’s happening. And she is standing on the dock in complete shock.  So I dive off the back and feel for the hole that is usually plugged up and the plug was gone.  So at that point, it was a race against the clock (or the rushing water) and I’m searching this entire boat for the plug.  I run back to the truck and find the plug in the truck bed and sprint back to the boat, jump in the water and plug the hole. Phew! I’m sweating thinking about this again.

My friend was still standing there starring. And I just start laughing. I’m like “girl, your boat was about to sink!” Then it hits her, and she’s like “oh shit, oh shit…what can I do?!?”  I’m say, “nothing now, your boat is good, just a little wet. And I think you need to consider selling this thing.”

When I say I’m thankful for the way I grew up, it’s because I was able to control this specific situation through my experiences.  As a child, my family would go camping for the weekend and take the boat and just water ski and cookout the whole time. I didn’t realize at the time that I was learning actual life skills or sweet MacGyver techniques. Another story that I’ll write about later on, was when I got lost in the woods.  Yuck! Besides that specific experience, I am very grateful for my childhood and the little things that I learned! Simply a blessing in disguise! I hope everyone had an exciting weekend!

Thanks Ya’ll!!!!

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