Top 5 Best Beach Reads!

I absolutely love to read! Like really love it! Give me a good book and a quite room, I’m good to go. I also dislike using things like nooks or ereaders. And it’s funny that I’m using an iPad to currently type this post. I am also currently in the midst of writing a novel, which I have always wanted to do. So I’m considering putting a few pages on here just to get some feedback! So look out

On a real note, I just like the smell and the feeling of a book in your hand. Ahhhh. So much joy! So with that being said, during the summer, I tend to read a book a week. So for this post, I’m gonna write up my top 5 summer reads!

Book 1:

Did I Mention I Need You? by Estelle Maskame- It’s a book about forbidden love between a girl named Eden Munro and a boy Tyler Bruce. The kicker? The boy is her step brother! Don’t be turned off by that part. This book is both inticing and liberating. It sends you a love spiral and you will not be able to put it down!!! Be aware that the ending is a real clifhanger! Also, this is a trilogy, and the books will be coming out soon!

Book 2:

The Silent Wife by A. S. A. Harrison- If you like Gone Girl, you’ll love this book which will also soon be a major motion picture! In this book, a so-called perfect couple are dealing with very uncommon issues in their marriage, like murder. Be ready to be taken on a thrilling ride of deceit, betrayal, and complete and under chaos.

Book 3:

Best Kind of Broken by Chelsea Fine- Of course it’s a complicated love story between Summer and Levi. They meet again after an awful parting and the sparks begin to come back. This is a quick, funny, and enticing read!

Book 4:

Rich and Pretty by Rumaan Alam- Two childhood best friends are now living completely separate lives. One is planning a wedding and the other is trying to get her career on track. Can these two still be best friends although they are growing into completely separate people? This is a cute story on whether a friendship is strong enough to withstand anything.
Book 5:

The Girls in the Garden by Lisa Jewell- Story takes place in London where these families share a garden square. The story takes a turn, when one of the daughter’s ends up unconscious in the garden. Can the families really trust anyone? Such a great page turner and perfect beach read!!!

I know everyone enjoys different types of books but I hope you will enjoy these books like I did!

Bye, Ya’ll!