Let’s Go!

So… as you can see, this is my very first blog post! Hang in there with me because I have a lot to share.  First off, my name is Taylor! I was born and raised in South Carolina, where the tea is sweet and the sun always shines.  About a year ago I moved to the Midwest and have endured countless, frigid, winters (yuck)!  I currently work for a Marketing firm, creating social media pages and marketing material for companies.  I love it but it’s not as fulfilling as I would like it to be.  I love to help people, with anything and everything.  So basically, that is why I am here!  I want to share my stories (as crazy as they are), my travel experiences (like where to go and when), healthy habits that work for me, and really anything that pops into my head! Even if it is career advice, I want to be somebody’s go to! If I can help 1 person through this blog, then I have accomplished my goal!  So ask me anything and I promise to give you my full attention and honest opinions!  More to come!

Bye Ya’ll (for good measure),