Let’s do this thing called ‘Team Building’

For starters I act like a child. More in a sense that I love to laugh at stupid things and enjoy activities that adults usually don’t.  I love cartoons and playing hide and seek with my nieces. It is actually quite a list.  I also love sports and am…..SUPER competitive. No matter how bad/good I am at something, I’m going to talk mad shit before.

So this leads me to last night. I was in charge of our office “Team Building” outing.  So I chose laser tag. It’s a competitive ‘sport,’ I say this loosely and just something fun to do.  Now I haven’t played laser tag in years but it was very close to work and it was more of an adult laser tag than anything. And they had a bar!  So done deal!  This place was so freaking cool. It had multiple levels with hideouts and different games/missions that could be played.  Like this was legit. All in a huge warehouse.

We had about 25 people and we split up into teams.  I ended up getting a specialty sniper rifle (did I mention I was southern?) so I was happier than a hog (love that phrase…you’re welcome!).  So my job during each mission was to cover my team members from different vantage points.  Essentially protecting them from the other team.  We completed 9 missions.  The first 3 were horrible.  We weren’t communicating and everyone was going rogue. We had some of the best shooters on our team but it didn’t matter if you didn’t have a plan and if you weren’t communicate.

Finally, another team member took charge and said here’s the plan.  “What we are doing is not working and we are going to keep losing if we don’t work together.”  I guess it hit everyone at that moment that we needed to formulate a plan and stick to it. And guess what, after that we started winning. We worked together as a unit and covered each other until we won the whole challenge.

This whole team building exercise was quite an experience an I would definitely do it again.  At work today (and yes I am writing this while at work, shhhh!) everyone is communicating like I have never seen before.  It is unbelievable.  Also, everyone is laughing more.  There is a different atmosphere here today.

To anyone deciding whether or not team building exercises work, believe me I have done different types, and this one totally exceeded expectations.  I have attended seminars, all day conferences, and workshops.  Nothing to this caliber. Usually the workshops and seminars teach you the fundamentals to implement but with the one we did yesterday, we learned first hand and implemented all at the same time. I would recommend anyone doing this with their company.  It was a great experience and totally worth the money!

Thanks Ya’ll!


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A New Way to Stay in Shape

Another hobby of mine is working out.  Some people don’t consider it a hobby, but more like a chore. I do it in my spare time and I love it! You’re probably thinking, what in the hell could she be doing that’s so much fun?! Well for starters, I love music so I try to incorporate it as much as possible.  On my normal workouts, I blast my iPod with my favorite music. On my not so normal workouts, well that’s a little different.

So a few months ago, I went by myself to a pole fitness class. I’ve always wanted to go but no one would ever go with me. Anyway, I got up the nerve and just went. I do not regret my decision what so ever.  I learned a sexy dance and some really cool spins.

I have now been taking this class for 3 months and I couldn’t be happier.  I feel sexier, my body looks leaner, and I’m just feel good. It is completely different from my normal workouts because I’m working muscles that I didn’t know I had and sore in places that I didn’t know existed. My flexibly is getting better and better each week. I just can’t talk enough about it.


The main thing I was worried about was the stigma behind pole dancing. You immediately think of strippers…right? Well I know I did.  But it’s not the same. The other girls and myself are doing because it makes us feel awesome and we are getting a great workout. There’s no judgement when you’re there. You get to be free and express your sexiness!


Not only has pole dancing taught me to express myself but it has also taught me not to judge others based off of their physical appearance (which I never intentionally did in the first place). You get to be sexy with yourself and just do you…  No one is looking or thinking why are they wearing that or they can’t do that move! Well, more than likely they can!  A girl twice my size was more flexible and stronger than I was and I completely judged her.  I loved her confidence! I wanted that so bad! And now I have it!!!

So with this…I think everyone should find their workout that makes them feel like what pole dancing does for me! And when you do, you will be so grateful and you will love yourself so much more!!  Happy Hunting!!


‘Southern’ Style on a Dime

Being from the South, people have this certain expectation about ‘us’ southerners.  They perceive us as really sweet women who sit on the porch all day and sip sweet tea and dress extremely preppy. This is only partially true and it’s really the sweet tea part (which btw I can’t find not one single place that serves sweet tea here)!!

As for the fashion side of things, not all southerners are preppy.  I for one am not.  See…..I grew up with an older brother, who loved to think his baby sister was a little boy.  So I was MMA fighting at a young age, well not literally but I had to fend for myself.  So a pretty sun dress wouldn’t suffice in with my hardcore fighting life.  So I was wearing t-shirts, shorts, and chucks a lot. My mom would buy me dresses but I refused.

So my style has change somewhat and I wouldn’t even say I have a set “style.”  I like to wear whatever I’m feeling that day. One day I can go from edgy, the next preppy, and the next wear cowboy boots.  It really depends on my mood. I do get complimented a lot but in the same token people say “well that’s a weird outfit, but I like it.”  Ummm thanks?!

I literally wear what I want and sometimes just throw something together. And I don’t spend a lot.  My first stop is always the sale’s rack! I love a good deal!

Here’s today’s outfit!


Sorry about the lighting and quality, next time will be better!

Top: Faded Striped blue jean top $10 (TJMaxx)

Bottoms: Lauren Conrad white jeans $10

Shoes: Booties from express $5

This outfit cost $25!!!!!  Simple, cute, and CHEAP!

My point is, style can come in any form.  Just be creative and confident….and the outfit will just fall together!  Love ya’ll!!!!

Queen B for President! You’re Welcome America!

I’m a little tipsy writing this so…You’re welcome!

So with the Presidential campaign coming up quickly, it’s about time to start discussing POLITICS! Yay. Everyone’s favorite subject!  Anyway… I don’t like to discuss politics but I had a thought hit me and I would like to share!

So I’m not really a fan of either candidate this year. I won’t go into details but neither of them appeal to me.

With that I propose, Beyonce be the next President of the United States! You can thank me later….

First off look at the her Empire…I mean what?!?!  She already runs that shit. And not to mention she is already a freaking Queen!

So instead of rambling, which I really want to do right now, I’ll break them off into sections…and how she could handle it…

  1. Foreign Affairs- A lot of other cultures do not respect women and they tend to look down at women who have power.  But not this lady.  Everyone knows Beyonce. Everyone!  And if another country started talking shit, she would drop the biggest diss album next to lemonade, in history and that shit would shut down really quick!
  2. War- So this aligns with foreign affairs but totally deserves it’s own section.  First off anyone reading this, have you ever been subject to the Beehive?? No?  Well you definitely do not want to.  The fn hive will take you down in a heartbeat. Hell, look what they did to Becky with the good hair?  Or who they thought was Becky?  I mean, I would be hiding under a rock if I was Becky (which, BTW, I am not! Relax there Beehive).
  3. Economics- Back to her Empire. She built that stuff up and she knows who to employ to make it work.  She has made Billions and keeps doing her thing and finding new ways to make money. Think about what she could do for our country??
  4. Inequality- Let’s be honest, America is nowhere near where we need to be.  Who better than a black woman to take over and get us on track!  She would be like “Okay, America, let’s get into formation!”  I would be lining right up. Boy bye!

These were just a few things that I was thinking in my tipsy state. You’re welcome America!


Top 5 Best Beach Reads!

I absolutely love to read! Like really love it! Give me a good book and a quite room, I’m good to go. I also dislike using things like nooks or ereaders. And it’s funny that I’m using an iPad to currently type this post. I am also currently in the midst of writing a novel, which I have always wanted to do. So I’m considering putting a few pages on here just to get some feedback! So look out

On a real note, I just like the smell and the feeling of a book in your hand. Ahhhh. So much joy! So with that being said, during the summer, I tend to read a book a week. So for this post, I’m gonna write up my top 5 summer reads!

Book 1:

Did I Mention I Need You? by Estelle Maskame- It’s a book about forbidden love between a girl named Eden Munro and a boy Tyler Bruce. The kicker? The boy is her step brother! Don’t be turned off by that part. This book is both inticing and liberating. It sends you a love spiral and you will not be able to put it down!!! Be aware that the ending is a real clifhanger! Also, this is a trilogy, and the books will be coming out soon!

Book 2:

The Silent Wife by A. S. A. Harrison- If you like Gone Girl, you’ll love this book which will also soon be a major motion picture! In this book, a so-called perfect couple are dealing with very uncommon issues in their marriage, like murder. Be ready to be taken on a thrilling ride of deceit, betrayal, and complete and under chaos.

Book 3:

Best Kind of Broken by Chelsea Fine- Of course it’s a complicated love story between Summer and Levi. They meet again after an awful parting and the sparks begin to come back. This is a quick, funny, and enticing read!

Book 4:

Rich and Pretty by Rumaan Alam- Two childhood best friends are now living completely separate lives. One is planning a wedding and the other is trying to get her career on track. Can these two still be best friends although they are growing into completely separate people? This is a cute story on whether a friendship is strong enough to withstand anything.
Book 5:

The Girls in the Garden by Lisa Jewell- Story takes place in London where these families share a garden square. The story takes a turn, when one of the daughter’s ends up unconscious in the garden. Can the families really trust anyone? Such a great page turner and perfect beach read!!!

I know everyone enjoys different types of books but I hope you will enjoy these books like I did!

Bye, Ya’ll!

Let’s Travel, for Cheap!

Spoiler Alert: You will save money!

Hawaii 2

I have lived in many places, some I absolutely loved, others not so much. And I have also traveled to many. One of my favorite places to go is Hawaii! And yes it is absolutely expensive! (Grrrr!) If you’re like me, on a budget, traveling can be very hard, especially when you have other priorities. Things like utility bills and rent, can really leave you without any room for fun. Well I am about to give you the low-down on traveling cheap and keeping some of that extra dough to make the trip extra awesome!

Here is the breakdown of my trip to give you an idea of my expenses.

Flight: $350 (round trip)

Living situation: $0 (free!)

Food for 10 days: $125

Activities: $125

Other: $100

Total: $700  (For Hawaii, including flight! WHATTTTT?!?!?)

So for the flight I got a huge discount using Travelocity.  The only downside is they choose the time you leave, which kind of sucks but hey you’re saving money! So I picked my dates and they did the rest. You also always hear about getting cheaper flights on specific days. I booked mine on a Sunday which ended up being the cheapest of all the flights that I searched.

On to the next… I got a place to stay for free through a friend in the military.  I got really lucky here because this is the most expensive part after the flight of course.  I would recommend using AirBnB. (I am getting no money from this posts by the way! It’s just something I personally use for my travels).  So, after looking at all the places to stay, the lowest I found was a studio for $58 a night. You really don’t need a huge place since there is so much to do, so you will really need a place to sleep and a small kitchen.

Speaking of food…the food in Hawaii is ridiculously expensive.  It’s delicious but expensive! I recommend going to the local market and get food for the duration. Definitely plan your meals you want to eat out.  If you are on the island of Oahu, you have to eat at Helen’s Hawaiian Food. It’s authentic Hawaiian food and priced decently.  Also, heading toward North Shore, there is a great burger joint called Kahuku Grill.  Probably the best burger I have ever had, or at least in the top 5. And it was only $6 with fries and a drink. That’s hard finding in the states!

Now for activities.  Start looking at things you would like to do before you actually get there.  Compare prices on the different things.  If it’s a local spot, you can usually get a good deal bargaining with them. On my trip, we went to a Luau and paddle boarding.  This was the total mentioned above at $125.  Seems expensive but the Luau was around $65.  We also did a lot of other activities that were for free.  Here is the list:

  1. Volcom North Shore Surfing Competition (Went in late January)
  2. Pearl Harbor
  3. Snorkeling
  4. Hiking National Parks
  5. Laniakea Beach which is also known as Turtle Beach (A ton of Turtles!!!)
  6. Kuhio Beach FREE Hula Show
  7. Watch a sunset and a sunrise!
  8. Hang out at the beach

Hawaii 4

As for the other section, that was really just souvenirs.  I actually got a lot for that price because I really shopped around.

As you can see, I did A LOT in Hawaii and it was very inexpensive.  I had a blast!! And I will totally do it again!  If you have any questions, let me know! I’ll be happy to answer!


Women’s Health


Hey Ya’ll!  It has been a crazy week so I haven’t had much time to post.  I wanted to talk today about women’s health, mainly birth control.  I’m discussing this topic because I recently had quite an experience with getting an IUD.

So my story begins when I started taking oral contraceptive around the age of 13.  I had really bad periods, like bad periods. I couldn’t go to school or participate in any sports or extra curriculars because my period was disabling.  So after I started, I thought it would have been smooth sailing.  I thought I was free! Wrong.

On the first day after I got back on the pill (after the placebo) I would get violently ill. I usually was held up in the bathroom for a few hours until the nausea subsided. On the plus side, my cramps and bleeding wasn’t as bad but they were definitely still there.   After a few months, odd things started to happen.  My anxiety level reached an all time high.  I was having violent mood swings and when I say violent, I mean violent. To the point where no one wanted to hang out with me.  I visited my doctor and we switched up the pills to a different brand and lower dosage.  He said give it a few months.

Well a few months had passed and I was still in the same boat.  Still getting sick and still experiencing mood swings.  So BACK to the doctor I went…same thing, but this time he added vitamin supplement (B12) to the equation.  Well that didn’t do a damn thing. After switching up my pills for a 4th time, I thought I was in the clear.  I was still having mood swings but they were not as bad as before. I was feeling a little different than normal as well, and now that I look back, I was developing depression.  On the day that I realized I needed a big change was the day that I was driving down the road and I thought to myself, ‘If I drive this car off the road, no one will care and that will be the end.’  Like what?!?!  By this time, I was 18 and was set for college.

I got home and started crying and tried to explain to my mom what was happening.  I immediately stopped birth control and went to my doctor.  Within a few weeks, I was back to normal.  No more suicidal thoughts.  No more mood swings, no more toxic chemicals coursing though my body.  That shit is no joke.  I will never go back to oral contraceptive.  I would rather bleed all over myself and be in bed for 3 days.

After that I started researching other forms of birth control and came across the IUD. After the initial consultation, I was ready!  And the best thing, no freaking side effects!! Or so I thought.  I went in for the appointment and the doctor told me that it would be an easy insertion, just like an annual.  Okay cool, let’s do this, I thought to myself.  Well was I wrong. The pain was so excruciating (and I have a high pain tolerance) like high!  I have never cussed that much in my entire life.  I really wanted to kick that lady in the face. The thought definitely crossed my mind (actually a few times).  After it was inserted, I had an ultrasound to make sure it was in properly. I was still hurting at that time.  It literally felt like my ovaries were twisting.

I went home and climbed in bed and cried! So much pain.  The pain subsided after a few days but boy was it bad. I still have a few cramps here and there and am still spotting, which is normal.  I have had it for about 2 weeks now, and I don’t mind it.  No weird things are happening besides spotting and very minimal cramping.  We will see!

I really just wanted to share my BC story. There really aren’t enough out there.  If this helps you at all make a decision about what to use, great! I wish I had some information like this when I was deciding.  I really hope this helps!