About Me

Hey Ya’ll! My name is Taylor and I currently live in Chicago. And with a title like Everything Southern, you guessed it, I’m Southern! I moved to the Midwest because of school and work. Once I finished school, I ended up staying!

I decided to start Everything Southern because I wanted to share my adventures with you. ย Not only do I want to share these awkward and outrageous stories, but I also want to help people. By learning or laughing at my mistakes, I hope to help anyone. Even if I help one person, it will be completely worth it!

I consider this a lifestyle blog with the focus of everything. I don’t have a specific order of posts or certain things I post about regularly. I talk about what I feel like that day! There is a mixture of fashion, travel, money, life, and work. ย I really hope you enjoy my blog as much as Iย love writing it!

Love ya’ll!



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