How Much is too Much?

I don’t know why I’ve been talking about relationships so much lately but I feel like I needed to share this.

Have you ever been in a relationship where the guy or girl was very protective? My next question is, How much is too much?

In my previous relationship, there was a few instances where I questioned his “protective” instincts.  At first I thought it was an endearing quality that he wanted to protect me or wanted to know where I was, all the time. I thought, “awe that’s cute.”  As time passed, I started getting annoyed with the fact that every time he called or I got home, he would ask me where I was and who I was with.  My response would be “I just got off work. Where do you think?!”  It got to a point where is was constant. He was constantly nagging.

At one point he followed me to work and I saw him sitting outside during the day. I called him to see what he was doing and played like I didn’t know where he was. He said that he was at the store. Two minutes later, I saw him leave. Shortly after that, we broke up, on my terms. I still see him ride by my house here and there, which is another story in itself.

In hindsight, I should have noticed the signs. I really think his actions were a start to what could have been a very destructive relationship and possibly abusive. I’m very lucky that I ended it before it got to that point.

I want to believe that I was strong enough to leave but I know there are others that are not so strong. And it sometimes gets to a point where it’s too late. If someone that is reading this has experienced something similar or worse, you are not alone!


10 thoughts on “How Much is too Much?”

  1. Well there’s definitely a difference between affection and wanting to be close and then being an insecure control freak always worried that someone is going to “steal” your girlfriend. Unfortunately you can’t always tell for a while.


      1. A friend of mine is dating a guy that I knew immediately was a scum bag. I hung out with him a few times and thing he said and did just screamed insecure; was afraid to change into his gym clothes in the locker room, always tried to one up people in conversations, etc. Everyone tried to warn her but she claimed he was like that because he really loves her.

        Now he beats the crud out of her. Thankfully he convicinced her to move out of state away from all of her friends and family so we don’t have to see it.


      2. That sounds horrible! My cousin actually dealt with something very similar. I was actually face timing her and I saw him hit her. He didn’t realize I was on the phone and/or that I saw. He is a real piece of shit!

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      3. Yeah he sounds like he’s definitely a douche bag. People have a tendency to half-blame the victim in that situation and personally I do believe that we all have to take responsibility for our actions but at the same time the women who put up with that stuff have serious mental problems and need help more than hate. I dunno. I’m not an expert. I always thought that sentences like “he hits me because he loves me” were just television parodies but idiotic little girls actually say that shit. I’m glad that you don’t. lol


      4. Oh yea! I definitely don’t have that mind set! I can tell you that these girls are brainwashed into believing that are totally worthless and that they will never find anything better…it literally sets into them and they believe the crap that the abuser says. It’s all very ugly!


  2. Wow that sounds so scary! I’m glad you found the strength to leave because that’s so scary I would be so afraid… stay strong girl!


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