Is Dating Extinct?


My definition of dating is a friendship built on compatibility, laughter, and food. But again this is MY definition. Each person has their own based on their experiences and what they look for in an significant other.

These days, I feel it’s a lot harder to find someone. Now you may think I’m crazy because of technology making it so much easier to connect to people but I honestly think it’s harder to find someone genuine.  You can find someone through social media sites or through an app but it’s on the basis of appearance and sex.

A lot of people I have talked to refuse to be in relationships these days for a number of reasons. Whether they just don’t trust people or they like to keep their options open…it is what it is.  But this has made me question whether, dating is extinct? Has it become just an idea? Or an old way of thinking or developing a relationship?

Personally, I think dating has died. And again I say personally. Dating use to be this private relationship that would only be shared among 2 people. Now it has come to be this social aspect that is shared all throughout the internet. People don’t date in hopes to find the one that they wish to spend the rest of their life with.

Honestly, I miss the whole dating aspect. The first few months everything is so new and you learn so much about each other. You’re constantly laughing and just having fun.  Now, I feel like every guy that I come across doesn’t want a relationship. It’s kind of unnerving to realize.

Anyone else feel the same way?  And has dating really died?



20 thoughts on “Is Dating Extinct?”

  1. Totally agreed.. The so-called dating manuals are followed as a handbook / Dating Bible by many which only develops a web of complexities. It reflects just one simple thing – the person doesn’t know what s/he wants, and is less willing to take risks given the easy availability of potential spouses.


    1. 100% agree! For myself, I think it can be hard to take those risks but I usually do. Side note and way too much information, I have met guys when I have been out that literally have asked me to go home with them within 5 minutes of meeting…I’m like damn at least buy me dinner!

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  2. I don’t think that dating is totally dead but it’s on the way. There are still people who reject social media and online dating but I have no clue where they’re meeting people, haha. I have a lot more success when I meet someone in “the real world” and build a relationship with them. For some reason the only people I attract on dating sites are the really broken, ugly ones so I stopped using that years ago lol! It is getting more and more difficult to run into single people my age around town, though.

    Then again I’ve really enjoyed being single. All of my friends are married with kids and complain about never having any free time and having to give up their hobbies and I can do whatever I want whenever I want.

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    1. haha! Your comments crack me up!! We are in the same boat! All of my friends are engaged, married with kids…blah blah. I’m over here like “Look at pictures of my cute dog!” I have actually met some pretty cool people through work and conferences…out at bars, well not so much…there is a different expectation there!

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  3. As an old married lady I can say I’ve been watching how dating has evolved and it does seem as though the traditional way of dating is rare nowadays. It’s a shame. I see people struggling to maintain romantic relationships online and it’s nearly impossible. A true relationship requires actual time spent together, not time in front of a computer screen or even on the phone.
    People really do need to see each other in person to develop a romantic relationship. We need to see the body language, to look into the eyes and hear the tone of voice. And physical touch like holding hands or hugging are crucial to developing real love. Most of what I see now is just infatuation fueled by the desire to have the personal contact denied by online “dating.”


  4. I think dating today is a new way to “let’s see how much self-esteem I can gain/lose.” With online dating it’s become a game, which is how I’ve decided to treat it. I also prefer to meet people in the scope of reality, but it gets increasingly more difficult with everyone around looking down at their phones instead of looking up and smiling at random people on the street. My longest relationship was with a guy I met at the gym. He kept pursuing me though… so I figure until another guy wants more from me, to pursue me, I’m going to enjoy myself in the mean time- because I refuse to be the one to put in all the efforts needed to make a relationship. Online dating has become the place where less attractive people find comfort in chatting someone up without being judged, and without leaving their safe space, and it has also become a place for the more attractive people to find sex easily. Not very often can you find an in-between of people who want to genuinely date. It’s an unfortunate side effect of dating in the digital age.


    1. I like your view on dating! I wish a lot of girls that I have met had the same mentality! Some of my friends are so stuck on having to be with someone all the time, they forget what it’s like to be alone and they end up losing themselves! You go girl!


      1. Yeah, I was like that all the time. But y’know what? Fuck it. Fuck it all. Good things come to those who wait, and while you wait you fuck random hot guys. Haha


  5. I think it’s always been difficult to find a guy who wants more than sex, but I think it gets harder in the adult dating world to actually meet the guys in the first place. Several of my friends have found partners off Tinder etc. but I always find myself meeting people I wouldn’t have agreed to a date with if I’d met them beforehand. I also agree that apps are quite shallow- some of the people I’ve liked in real life I would have swiped left to if I’d seen them online!


    1. Sorry for the late response! Traveling has exhausted me and I haven’t had much access to the internet! I definitely like your take on this. It’s unfortunate that guys don’t want much of a commitment anymore. On the flip side of that, I have a few friends who are exactly the same way. They would rather sleep with a guy then be in a relationship! More props to them because that’s not how I roll! Thank you for the comment!

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      1. Yeah, I’m sure it works for some people 🙂 My wife and I met when we were both teaching abroad, and we were friends for a really long time (6 years!) before we got together. The very opposite of speed dating 🙂


  6. Men of nowadays… 🙄🙄. Women aren’t getting any better either..

    Anyway. I have these Norwegian friends and they invited me to the mountains in Norway. They said the men there are super awesome and clueless about the shenanigans in the city & that I can easily meet a very nice hot guy there for a serious relation & that they are super different from city guys.. 🙈. So.. When I’m ready, I’ll take them on that offer & go get myself an awesome Viking & live happily ever after.. 😜


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