I am a millennial and I can’t stand millennials. Don’t get me wrong, not all millennials are the same but a majority that I come across are little entitled brats.

I just saw a mom and her son (probably in his mid 20’s) eating at Einstein Bagels and he is telling her about the recent Kim Kardashian scandal. She is listening intently and commenting when appropriate. She seems very patient.

Side note: I love to people watch so I’m staring them down like a piece of cheesecake.

Anyway, after he finishes his rant about the latest celebrity gossip, she asks when they get home, if he could do his laundry and clean the bathroom. He flat out says “no, that’s your job.” She doesn’t say anything but an intense stare down occurs.ย They don’t say anything for a few minutes and he says, “by the way, we need groceries at the house.” She goes, “I’ve already been to the store so if you need something else, you can go.” ย He just looks at her and says, “I’m not spending my money on groceries.”

At this point, I’m staring at him with my mouth open. If I would have talked to my mom like that, ย I wouldn’t have been able to sit for a week.

This little turd is still talking back to her and I’ve just had enough…I lean over and say to the mom “Please accept my apology for what I’m about to say to your son.” To the son “listen here you little shit, how about you quit being disrespectful to your mom and get off your lazy ass and contribute. You are about 25, right? Yea, well she has every right to legally kick your butt out of her house but for whatever reason, she hasn’t, so show some freaking respect.” He just looks at me dumbfounded. He gets up to leave, and the mom grabs my arm and says “Thank you. Seriously.”

I’m not usually a confrontational person but this dummy was just straight rude and I couldn’t take it. It was disgusting.

I’ve been around other situations similar to these…and it makes my stomach turn. My mom would have slapped me in the mouth or better yet, kicked my ass in front of all the people in the coffee shop.

Although, I am millennial, I was taught to be more considerate and not to think the world owed me anything. I’m trying to create a path for myself, which yes, has caused me to struggle but it’s my struggle and no one else’s.

Sorry, Rant OVER!


28 thoughts on “Millennials”

  1. Shared this post with all my family members. That needed to be done, to call that punk out. I commend you on your restraint – I would have probably been too apoplectic for words!


  2. I think something happened with my generation (pre-millennial) that made us all cowards when it comes to parenting. I don’t have kids (and never will because I know my own limits lol) but my sister is like that mother. Both of her kids aren’t even five yet and I can already tell they are just going to be garbage people. Everyone gets upset when I say things like that but, come on, you can tell. You can tell by the way they treat other people, each other, and their mother (they’re both from different fathers who aren’t around so that doesn’t help I’m sure, although the type of guys my sister dates aren’t exactly parent material).

    Of course, thinking back, my parents were both pretty much pansies when it came to parenting as well so maybe most people just shouldn’t have kids. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Man I’ve been writing really long replies on everything today; maybe it’s time for another post. haha. What you did took a lot of guts and is hilarious. I could never do that.


    1. I’m not sure what happened either but my parents were no where near strict. In fact they let me do a lot of things that I probably shouldn’t have done. On the flip side, when I messed up, oh boy, did I get it from them. I got grounded quite a few times and probably spanked 3 times. And guess what…I never did that shit again. A lot of people say it’s abuse…blah blah but it worked for me. I never talked back and I respected my parents and any other elders. I will probably say yes and no ma’am/sir till the day I die.

      And I totally get the generation being pansies…My sister-in-law…bless her…she has a 5 year old that is bossy as hell. We were all at a birthday party a few weeks ago for a 2 year old and my niece kept trying to ride on the little motorized bike that the 2 year old got as a present. My niece straight up pushed her off the bike and rode it. I was so livid. I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her off the bike so fast. Then I told her that it’s not her bike and if she wanted to ride it, to ask. She slapped me. I’m not sure what came over me in that instance, just pure rage, I’m sure. I spanked her in front of everyone and told her she couldn’t play till she apologized to me and the birthday girl. Her mom (my sister-in-law) went up to her and babied her for the next 10 minutes. I stared them down thinking, you are setting this girl up for failure… I just think the whole coffee shop ordeal was the last straw! LOL okay now, I’m writing long responses! Look what you’ve done!

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      1. It’s okay, everyone enjoys a good discussion. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yeah your niece sounds like my niece. She’s older than my nephew so she steals his toys, taunts him, and one time I caught her laughing while she was strangling him with something. I keep telling her that once he’s bigger than her he’s going to get his revenge but she isn’t old enough to understand. I probably won’t stop him, either. Haha.

        I’m not very disciplinarian, myself, that’s why I know I shouldn’t have kids until I get that issue straightened out. So my niece will look around to make sure no adults are around before she does something she obviously knows is wrong but if I’m in the room she doesn’t count me as one of the adults. I don’t know if that’s funny or extremely depressing! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  3. This is the first post that I read on your blog and I’m crazy about you already! What you said to that “kid” is exactly what I would have said and I love that you said it! I’m proud of you, Kiddo!


  4. Love the gumption! I like how you started off by saying that you can’t stand our generation despite being a part of it. Seems like other Millennials I meet either want to talk about the real problems we’re having or – in the case of your story – the latest Kim K. scandal, and nothing in between. Looking forward to future rants from you haha


  5. Omg! Yes yes and more yes! There’s so been so many moments in my life that I wish I would have said or did something but fear took over. I’m glad you did say something.

    Unfortunately I used to be one of those self-entitled twerps who was spoiled rotten by my mother. Now that I’m a bit older and have seen the struggle for myself I have sooooo much respect for my mother I don’t dare ask her for anything and make sure to help her as much as possible.

    Loved this post โค๏ธ๏ธ


  6. Well done! There’s so much good in Millennials, but we’ve got to call out the bad when we see it. Hold each other accountable!


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