Makeup for the Helpless

I learned a few things about makeup today.

Number 1: I suck at applying makeup. Like I’m freaking awful. Those how to videos also suck because, they don’t have a correction for shaky hands or someone who has no clue what highlighter and/or contouring is….

Number 2: Once I learned how to amateurly use highlighter, that shit looks pretty good. But again, I am a amateur.

Number 3: It will make your face look all dewy and shit. Like you just stepped out of the rain, but you’re not wet and your face is just glowing.

Side Note: I haven’t gone out in public just yet, so I’m not sure how it looks to others and that in itself will be extremely comical!

I don’t really have a point for this post, but I really just wanted to share that I am growing up and makeup game is getting better, slowly, but better!

Look out for pictures!


10 thoughts on “Makeup for the Helpless”

  1. I almost went to school to be a makeup artist because a friend was doing it and it sounded kind of fun (and lets be real it would be a great way to meet women hahaha) so I can sympathize that it’s daunting especially if you’re a guy who has never done it. My friend just ended up practicing on her own for a year and now is on her way to being a teacher at sephora so keep at it!


      1. The girl I was going to go with eventually bailed and I was still going to go but once I weighed the cost and how little I knew about makeup (nothing at all) it seemed pretty silly. She’s offered to teach me herself if I still want to do it. I might just for funsies.


      2. Gotcha! I think you should totally learn! Like you said, it’s a great way to meet women! One of friends tells me just to watch videos online to learn but I clearly don’t have the patience for all that! Lol

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