I’m obsessed…

UPDATED: 10/15/2016

So this is my weekly thrift find!

White House Black Market hunter green suede heels, new! I’m in love! 😍 And the best part, they were $3.99! My head is spinning right now!

Seriously, if you guys need help with your thrifting, I am more than happy to share my favorite stores and other secrets to finding great deals! Just message me!

So I’ve gotten a lot of messages/compliments about these shoes and I did some research for you guys! Although this was an awesome thrift find, I found some very similar shoes to look at!

These are a black suede lace up pump and you can find them here. They are inexpensive and also available in tan.

These don’t lace up like the others but they do have the beautiful suede crossed straps! I just bought these and am super excited! Click here to check them out!


7 thoughts on “I’m obsessed…”

  1. I so understand the thrill of finding something fabulous! Last week I found the perfect pair of brown fall boots for only $5…lovely post ❤


  2. I have completely fallen in love with thrifting and DIY. I’d love to hear about the stores you go to and find such good deals. I’ve spent my fair share of too much money at WHBM and would love to find some thrifty clothing options. The fact that they are that hunter green which is going to be super on trend this fall is also amazing.


    1. Sorry for the late reply! I’ve been traveling for a bit! Yes, I would love to share my favorite stores for thrift finds! I know! I couldn’t believe I found the perfect color for fall! I was so excited!

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