Pet Lovers, Unite!

I want to begin by saying my dog has it made. If I had his life, I would be the happiest dog ever.Β  Although he gets a life of luxury; including an orthopedic dog bed, free reign of the house, high-end dog food, fresh fruits and veggies, and the occasional beer (do not judge, the yeast is good for them, I think), he still tends to act out ungratefully. Just rude!

Lately, he has been chewing things up (more than normal), barking a lot at people…just more paranoid. He has also has been very attached. Like following me very closely. Nothing has changed in the house to start this odd behavior.

(Dawwww! So Cute!)
The things I’ve tried include:

  • Made him watch ASPCA commercials to let him know he has a good life.
  • Changed his diet
  • More exercise
  • More attention
  • Threatened to take his toys

I just don’t know what else to do but it’s getting bad, more so than I am explaining above!

HELP ME! Please…anything?! LOL I need my pooch back!

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3 thoughts on “Pet Lovers, Unite!”

      1. The chewing and barking at people sound like boredom and his new clinginess sounds like anxiety or discomfort? Have you tried more exercise or training? Some one-on-one time with you, with mental and physical exercises might help. Obedience or rally classes or games of hide and seek or find it might help. All this assuming there’s not something physically wrong. A toothache or thorn in a paw or UTI (examples) can cause dogs to act differently. A vet visit and training … The answers to life’s problems πŸ˜‰. Best wishes!

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