Excuse Me While I Vent…

I had a great day yesterday…I was in a good mood, had a great workout, and even my boss was cheery. Just a great day all together. Until I stopped at the grocery store to get some stuff for the girl’s weekend coming up.  Yea know, the essentials…booze and chips.

So I’m walking through the parking lot pushing my buggy (shopping cart) and this a-hole starts backing out, fast. He literally runs over the buggy and somehow I moved out of the way. Although he did kind of clip my side. But I was safe…

So this guy gets out of the car and starts yelling “watch where the f*** you are going?!?”  By this point I was trying to process what just happened and was sitting on the ground.  He is just yelling and spewing profanities.  And this other guy runs up to me asking if I was alright and that he also called the police.  He said that he saw everything and he then starts cussing at the hell-on-wheels driver.

I really can’t believe this guy had the nerve to yell at me for walking and getting in his way.  Well the police show and apparently there is nothing they can do since in Chicago, grocery store parking lots are considered “private property.”  What if I was seriously injured? Could they have not done anything then? This is mind boggling, and I don’t blame the police officer what so ever but the laws are stupid.  He did “write it up” but this guy gets nothing?!? They should have a ticket similar to wreck-less driving but for the person just being an asshole.  “Sorry sir, you’re a major prick, so I’m giving you ticket for wreck-less attitude.” I don’t know, I’ll work on the name later.

I guess I could take matters into my own hands but I feel like the universe will work this one out.  Or at least I hope so… Sorry, rant over!

All Smiles Today!


6 thoughts on “Excuse Me While I Vent…”

  1. When some chick backed into my car on campus (private property), we had to wait for a state trooper to show up to assess the scene, and then gave ME a ticket for pulling out of my parking spot cautiously, while the other girl was texting and didn’t see me. A too, chalked it up to karma will take care of it. Glad you’re ok though!


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