When we were young…

When I was young(er), I wanted to be a veterinarian. That was my dream! I LOVED and still love animals. I use to bring home injured animals and I would treat them. My mom use to get pissed! LOL!!

Me being a vet, wasn’t completely far fetch but after a horrific accident that left me bleeding out, I realized that I couldn’t stand the sight of blood. Yuck! I passed out several times during the accident…quite embarrassing.

After the incident, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do…then I became very interested in crime scene investigations. So, I began doing research about what I wanted to do. Did I want to be a criminal profiler? Did I want to be in forensics?  There were so many things. I was also probably in my late teens and was stressing so much about this life decision.

I researched the FBI and the CIA! But very quickly realized that it wasn’t for me! At the point when I was in college, I still was trying to find my place.

I actually didn’t know what I wanted to do until my 2nd full-time job in the actual workforce.  It was an event coordinating and marketing gig. I loved it so much! I actually enjoyed going to work and staying late. It never got old! I still love it till this day.

The funniest part about it all was that I didn’t actually know what I wanted to do until I was 25 and, like I said at my 2nd full time job in the real world.  It’s amazing where life takes us! And sometimes I still wish that I could find that little girl down deep and tell her “don’t stress out trying to figure out what you want to do with your life, your time will come!”

I still silently chant this to myself every day!

What did you want to be when you were younger? Or are you still searching? Let’s hear it?!



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12 thoughts on “When we were young…”

  1. I still like to storm chase, but definitely want to be more of a work traveler. Not tied to a desk I guess? I’ve been doing that for 3 years now and I know I’m not cut out to be a pencil pusher.


  2. I wanted to be a writer when I was younger; it’s a bit silly that I’m not because literally all it takes is writing but I always procrastinated over it. It wasn’t until I was also about 24-25 that I realized I loved cooking. Now I’m getting into web development. You just have to try out as many things as possible to find out which ones you love, I suppose.


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