‘Southern’ Style on a Dime

Being from the South, people have this certain expectation about ‘us’ southerners.  They perceive us as really sweet women who sit on the porch all day and sip sweet tea and dress extremely preppy. This is only partially true and it’s really the sweet tea part (which btw I can’t find not one single place that serves sweet tea here)!!

As for the fashion side of things, not all southerners are preppy.  I for one am not.  See…..I grew up with an older brother, who loved to think his baby sister was a little boy.  So I was MMA fighting at a young age, well not literally but I had to fend for myself.  So a pretty sun dress wouldn’t suffice in with my hardcore fighting life.  So I was wearing t-shirts, shorts, and chucks a lot. My mom would buy me dresses but I refused.

So my style has change somewhat and I wouldn’t even say I have a set “style.”  I like to wear whatever I’m feeling that day. One day I can go from edgy, the next preppy, and the next wear cowboy boots.  It really depends on my mood. I do get complimented a lot but in the same token people say “well that’s a weird outfit, but I like it.”  Ummm thanks?!

I literally wear what I want and sometimes just throw something together. And I don’t spend a lot.  My first stop is always the sale’s rack! I love a good deal!

Here’s today’s outfit!


Sorry about the lighting and quality, next time will be better!

Top: Faded Striped blue jean top $10 (TJMaxx)

Bottoms: Lauren Conrad white jeans $10

Shoes: Booties from express $5

This outfit cost $25!!!!!  Simple, cute, and CHEAP!

My point is, style can come in any form.  Just be creative and confident….and the outfit will just fall together!  Love ya’ll!!!!


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