Queen B for President! You’re Welcome America!

I’m a little tipsy writing this so…You’re welcome!

So with the Presidential campaign coming up quickly, it’s about time to start discussing POLITICS! Yay. Everyone’s favorite subject!  Anyway… I don’t like to discuss politics but I had a thought hit me and I would like to share!

So I’m not really a fan of either candidate this year. I won’t go into details but neither of them appeal to me.

With that I propose, Beyonce be the next President of the United States! You can thank me later….

First off look at the her Empire…I mean what?!?!  She already runs that shit. And not to mention she is already a freaking Queen!

So instead of rambling, which I really want to do right now, I’ll break them off into sections…and how she could handle it…

  1. Foreign Affairs- A lot of other cultures do not respect women and they tend to look down at women who have power.  But not this lady.  Everyone knows Beyonce. Everyone!  And if another country started talking shit, she would drop the biggest diss album next to lemonade, in history and that shit would shut down really quick!
  2. War- So this aligns with foreign affairs but totally deserves it’s own section.  First off anyone reading this, have you ever been subject to the Beehive?? No?  Well you definitely do not want to.  The fn hive will take you down in a heartbeat. Hell, look what they did to Becky with the good hair?  Or who they thought was Becky?  I mean, I would be hiding under a rock if I was Becky (which, BTW, I am not! Relax there Beehive).
  3. Economics- Back to her Empire. She built that stuff up and she knows who to employ to make it work.  She has made Billions and keeps doing her thing and finding new ways to make money. Think about what she could do for our country??
  4. Inequality- Let’s be honest, America is nowhere near where we need to be.  Who better than a black woman to take over and get us on track!  She would be like “Okay, America, let’s get into formation!”  I would be lining right up. Boy bye!

These were just a few things that I was thinking in my tipsy state. You’re welcome America!



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