Women’s Health


Hey Ya’ll!  It has been a crazy week so I haven’t had much time to post.  I wanted to talk today about women’s health, mainly birth control.  I’m discussing this topic because I recently had quite an experience with getting an IUD.

So my story begins when I started taking oral contraceptive around the age of 13.  I had really bad periods, like bad periods. I couldn’t go to school or participate in any sports or extra curriculars because my period was disabling.  So after I started, I thought it would have been smooth sailing.  I thought I was free! Wrong.

On the first day after I got back on the pill (after the placebo) I would get violently ill. I usually was held up in the bathroom for a few hours until the nausea subsided. On the plus side, my cramps and bleeding wasn’t as bad but they were definitely still there.   After a few months, odd things started to happen.  My anxiety level reached an all time high.  I was having violent mood swings and when I say violent, I mean violent. To the point where no one wanted to hang out with me.  I visited my doctor and we switched up the pills to a different brand and lower dosage.  He said give it a few months.

Well a few months had passed and I was still in the same boat.  Still getting sick and still experiencing mood swings.  So BACK to the doctor I went…same thing, but this time he added vitamin supplement (B12) to the equation.  Well that didn’t do a damn thing. After switching up my pills for a 4th time, I thought I was in the clear.  I was still having mood swings but they were not as bad as before. I was feeling a little different than normal as well, and now that I look back, I was developing depression.  On the day that I realized I needed a big change was the day that I was driving down the road and I thought to myself, ‘If I drive this car off the road, no one will care and that will be the end.’  Like what?!?!  By this time, I was 18 and was set for college.

I got home and started crying and tried to explain to my mom what was happening.  I immediately stopped birth control and went to my doctor.  Within a few weeks, I was back to normal.  No more suicidal thoughts.  No more mood swings, no more toxic chemicals coursing though my body.  That shit is no joke.  I will never go back to oral contraceptive.  I would rather bleed all over myself and be in bed for 3 days.

After that I started researching other forms of birth control and came across the IUD. After the initial consultation, I was ready!  And the best thing, no freaking side effects!! Or so I thought.  I went in for the appointment and the doctor told me that it would be an easy insertion, just like an annual.  Okay cool, let’s do this, I thought to myself.  Well was I wrong. The pain was so excruciating (and I have a high pain tolerance) like high!  I have never cussed that much in my entire life.  I really wanted to kick that lady in the face. The thought definitely crossed my mind (actually a few times).  After it was inserted, I had an ultrasound to make sure it was in properly. I was still hurting at that time.  It literally felt like my ovaries were twisting.

I went home and climbed in bed and cried! So much pain.  The pain subsided after a few days but boy was it bad. I still have a few cramps here and there and am still spotting, which is normal.  I have had it for about 2 weeks now, and I don’t mind it.  No weird things are happening besides spotting and very minimal cramping.  We will see!

I really just wanted to share my BC story. There really aren’t enough out there.  If this helps you at all make a decision about what to use, great! I wish I had some information like this when I was deciding.  I really hope this helps!


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