Welcome to my life!

I struggled a little coming up with blog content for my very first official post! So I decided on…me!  I want to tell you a little more about my life…so for starters I am a southern gal (which you have kind of gathered from the website).

Once I moved from the South to the Midwest, I really struggled. Not only with the weather but with making friends up here. People were just rude and they totally didn’t understand my sense of humor.  It was a daily occurrence. “I can’t understand you? Can you repeat that??”  I’m not speaking a foreign language people!  The huge difference was the words that I used to describe certain things.  When I would go into a store and tell someone to grab a “buggy,”  they would respond, “I’m sorry, a what??” I would be like “Damn, don’t you know what a buggy is??”  or when I say hill but sounds like heel… I don’t know why people where so concerned with my pronunciation. I always thought it was cute.

People called me stupid, said that I sounded deaf, and that it sounded like I had a lisp.  This was really disheartening. I was thinking that it was true, people really are a-holes up here. I was so conscious of everything that I did; from my speech, to how I carried myself, and I how I dressed.  I was obsessed with fitting in and definitely did not want to stand out. I remember crying on the phone with some girlfriends back home and I have never been that girl. Ever.

It came to a point where I was miserable with life. I was so grumpy all the time and I constantly snapped at people. I was just a miserable person to be around. All the time.

One day something hit me and I just broke down. I told myself that I can’t keep doing this to myself or I was never going to be happy. I was changing into someone that I wouldn’t even want to be friends with.

My friends have always described me as “the girl who dances to her own drum.” Well this girl was determined to get her beat back.  I told myself enough with trying to fit in. That is just boring and no way to live.  I would find people who enjoyed me for me.  I started doing things that I have always wanted to do.  I joined a pole fitness class and immediately fell in love.  I also found a new job that fit me.  I began watching my weight and what I ate daily because I was previously feeling like crap ALL THE TIME.  These changes were life altering.  I have met some great girls in my dance class and they loveee my accent (which I don’t hide anymore).  I have a few coworkers that say they like having me around because I’m constantly smiling and it brings a good vibe to the office.  This was the moment of recognition for me!  I knew I was becoming my old self again!

The point of this story is that you shouldn’t change yourself because people say dumb things about you. People are always going to have something to say and one day you’ll find a group of people that love you for you! They will make you feel complete and will enjoy your company! These are the people that matter!

That’s just a little bit about me! If anyone is reading this, I hope it helps through whatever struggle you’re currently facing!

Love ya’ll,




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